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Black Security Vault to keep your money and possessions safe and secure. Same as this security vault, Armor Locksmith offer the same security banks use.

The Banker's Locksmith

Since 1984

Your valuables protected with the same security banks use.


High security locks, keys and safes for your situation.

For Institutions, organizations and households that value security...

Automotive Locksmith.jpg

Automotive Re-Key

Used by body shops and dealerships. Stolen key? Damaged door? Rebuild the cylinder to a master key.

Commercial Locksmith.jpg

Commercial Locksmith

Used by waste industry, refineries, schools, offices and boating yards. Have new tenant? Lock issues? Need a master key? Re-key!

Emergency Locksmith.jpg

Emergency Locksmith

Locked out of you house or office? Locked in? (AAA can't help you here). Broken locks? Reliable emergency service 24/7! Save this number in your mobile: (888) 272-7667

Residential Locksmith.jpg

Residential Locksmith

Extending commercial grade service for your residence. Break up or divorce? Broken locks? Need a new lock? Offering re-keying!

We are excited to announce that for 2023

American Security’s line of BF safes and UL safes will be offered standard in one of our most popular colors: sleek charcoal gray. 

Play video to learn about the safe.


FireKing Key Duplication with Code Key

Have you ever lost a key the moment you needed it? 


We've all been there... Think ahead and easily make copies today.

Code Keying is currently available online for FireKing brand Medeco keys. These keys typically used for file cabinets in banks, schools and offices.


Your keys will have exact depth and spacing with factory code specs. Which means no more 'working your key in'!

keys_hand armor.jpg

Making Your Life Easier

Do you have any questions to get started?

Let's have a chat and we'll customize to any budget for your safes, security locks, auto cpu chip keys, master keying, re-keying and locksmith services.


Over 38 Years of Experience

  • What are your stores hours?
    Our store hours are 9−6pm, Monday through Friday.* *Please call ahead as hours may vary a little at present due to Covid updates.
  • What do you specialize in?
    We specialize in safes, key services, high security locks and everything in between. Please reach out to us and we'll customize to your specific situation and needs.
  • Can I order safes online?
    In listening to our customers, we learned that -- when it comes to safes, they prefer to explore in person before purchasing. This is preferable because in the store you can customize, measure, handle the safes, peek inside and see all your options before making a comitment. Safes are generally heavy and would require an expensive return shipment if you were to order online and not be satisfied.
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"I acquired an AMSEC flat safe from Alan and I'm very satisfied with his customer service and the safe!  Armor Locksmith has a great selection of safes for just about any application you are seeking.  I highly recommend that you get your next safe from Armor Locksmith!!"

Edgar DeLeon

The DeLeon Group

CHECK OUT  Our New Safes!

Come visit us and handle our updated line of safes including, Hayman, Lucell, AMSEC, Hollon, American Security, and the new popular Vaultek gun safes.

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