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4 Benefits of Having a High-security Safe for Your Home and Office

Burglary incidents occur every 26 seconds, according to the FBI, with an average loss of $2,799 as per Safe Wise’s latest survey. In 2020, there are already 9,279 wildfires in total, where there is a total loss of $2.059 Billion on average. It is also reported that over 10,488 buildings were destroyed due to wildfires, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy stated. Also, note that this year, the state’s wildfires reached the historical scale. With calamities and burglaries going on, it is a must in every business and home to have a safe.

There are three types of safes that businesses and homeowners can have -- a fire-safe, a depository safe, and a gun safe. You’ll need to choose a safe that fits according to your needs.

In this blog, we will outline why you should consider purchasing a safe of your own.

  1. Your valuable items are safely stored

You can store any items in the safe. Still, businesses and ordinary people would like to have a safe to keep the most essential things. These items include crucial documents, pieces of jewelry, and cash.

Here is the list of other items you can place in a safe:

  • Social security cards & birth certificates

  • Wills

  • Power of attorney documents

  • Passports

  • Insurance policies

  • Cash

  • Sensitive computer data

  • Business contracts

  1. Safes protect your essential documents from disasters

Disasters are unpredictable. Fire can start because of faulty electrical wiring, food left on the stove, or improper use of space heaters. There could be a heavy-rainfall that can cause floods or a snow storm happening. That is why fire-resistant safes are a must nowadays.

At home, your safe can save your insurances and pieces of jewelry from unpredictable disasters. For businesses, your safe can save essential documents vital to your business processes. Losing these documents might mean delay of transactions and losing potential profits.

The last safe standing

One example was during the 2018 Wildfire in Butte County, California. Wildfires are nothing new in The Golden State. That year experienced what is now dubbed as the deadliest wildfire in California history, with at least 85 people killed and over 18,804 structures destroyed. But what is unique after the wildfire is the discovery of the last safe standing.

After the wildfire, she discovered her AMSEC gun safe in ground zero. When she and her locksmith opened the safe, she saw that all of the contents inside the safe are still intact. All of the items are still in perfect condition. This discovery is one of the success stories of AMSEC.

  1. Safes protect your items from theft.

One scary situation that may happen is essential items being stolen from you. Whether you are at home and in your business establishment, you would want to protect your valuable items from burglars. So having a safe is essential so that your valuables and personal items are out of the hands of a potential thief.

  1. Peace of mind

Do you know the feeling of not worrying about your important documents being lost? Or your business permits and other confidential data being stolen? That is a dream come true for all homeowners and business owners.

With your items safely stored, you can go to bed without worrying because your safe can protect your items, even if a break-in happens. Rest assured that your items are in good condition even when a natural disaster comes in your area.

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