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Featured: Padlocks

Edge Key Control

A Single Key Control System for Your Facility 

It is now possible for you to enhance security. 


Edge is only available from Master Lock authorized locations, and the patented keying system allows for total control over key duplication.  At an affordable cost, it can be retrofitted into existing lock sets at significantly less cost than other competitor lock systems.

Edge gives you the ability to implement a single key control system for your facility where it can be used on door locks and gates, portable equipment, fleet vehicles and more.


Master ProSeries Lock

The Un-pickable Cylinders Locks

These shrouded padlocks are made of heavy steel and have hardened/quenched boron alloy shackles for superior-grade cut withstanding.


The iron shrouds and dual-ball locking mechanisms are ideal for transportation and industrial use. The cylinders are almost un-pickable.

ASSA ABLOY Shackleless Resettable Combo Padlock

Four dials, 10,000 combinations

ASSA's Dial Puck Lock is a combination padlock with a sliding dust cover.

The padlocks were designed for a wide range of industrial applications.


The lock body is made of solid steel and has either chrome or electric black coating. You can easily reset your combination with true keyless convenience with the four dials. 

ASSA Dial Puck Padlock - open.png

American Lock A701D

The American Lock You Trust

The American Lock A701KA is a solid steel padlock with a 2in (51mm) tall, 7/16in (11mm) diameter hardened boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance.


A 5-pin APTC12 rekeyable cylinder with serrated pins and a dual ball bearing locking mechanism are almost impossible to pick.

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