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Code Key

When you need another key for your car, home or office, typically you will have a duplicate made. This key is made by tracing your existing key and creating a “second generation” copy. If made properly, a copy will typically operate fine, But if the duplication equipment is worn, misadjusted or misused, the key could bind slightly or not work at all.

If your key binds, you may be tempted to continue using the key to “work it in.” The problem is that not only the key that gets worn, the lock wears also. Your best defense against premature lock failure and future duplication problems is to not get duplicate keys, ask for originals.

Original keys are made with special key machines which utilize codes factory specifications for cut depth and spacing. These machines produce clean, exact keys which are identical to the keys that were shipped with the lock when it was originally manufactured.

When you couple OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) key blanks with code cutting, you are getting the most precise key possible.

When you have just spent $30,000 on a new car or several hundred dollars on a solid brass entry set for your home or a commercial grade ADA lever set for your office, why risk destroying your locks?


Ask for code cut original keys!



Re-key means to rebuild a lock cylinder to a curently used key or a completely new key, making the old key useless.


Master keying means providing master keys for your multiple unit facility makes it easier for your security department to gain access to any lock on your facility which increases the efficiency of your employees.

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